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Dancing Alphabet | Kindergarten

pARTners collaborates with Dancers’ Workshop to teach kindergarteners’ the letters and sounds of the alphabet through a multiple-intelligence approach. Through the Dancing Alphabet, students explore the 26 symbols of the English language, and Dual Immersion students also dive into the Spanish alphabet. The project engages students through multiple cognitive modes: kinesthetic by forming the shapes […]

“J” is for Jackson | 1st Grade

To deepen the first grade unit on community, pARTners implements several projects starting with the Community Quilt, a creative lesson taught with help from the Jackson Hole Quilt Guild. Students select an image that corresponds with the sound of their assigned letter, and then a pARTners artist helps the students interpret their chosen image into […]

Animals of Jackson Hole | 2nd Grade

pARTners supports several projects as part of the second grade’s year-long unit on the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach students about wildlife habitats and behaviors, as well as their role as stewards of the environment. At the start of the school year, pARTners provides every second grader […]

The American Dream Project | 6th Grade

As part of the 6th grade The topic was making the American Dream more accessible to all. Students explored the concepts of diversity and discrimination, and how it can fit into the “American Dream.” Then students worked with local artists to create posters that used symbols and colors to illustrate their concepts. [blockquote size=”full” align=”left” […]

National History Day| 6th-10th Grades

Our goals with this project is to elevate students’ level of understanding of how to create competitive National History Products. Thus, they will need specialized skills instruction for their particular project type – imovie; performance; websites.  At the JHMS/JHHS, Jen Tennican (local historical filmmaker) worked with students to create more dynamic documentaries. While, Caryn Flanagan […]

Medieval Faire | 7th Grade

While studying medieval life and history, students work with pARTners Abby Paffrath to create puppets and stained glass windows. For their language arts/ social studies class, the students produce a puppet show illustrating themes of medieval life. Meanwhile, the stained glass project teaches students about symmetry and geometry, as well as the medieval themes portrayed […]

The Belief Project | 8th Grade

Students articulate their beliefs in a project team taught by English teachers and a pARTners artist. Designed to promote self-exploration and reflection as 8th graders transition from middle to high school, the three-week Belief Project challenges students to ruminate through writing and visual exercises. Students collect mementos and study the use of symbols to tell […]