Our Staff & Board

With an office at the Center for the Arts, pARTners Executive Director serves as a liaison between resident arts organizations and the schools. Originally, pARTners was managed by an oversight committee composed of teachers, school district administrators, artists, art organization representatives, and parents. Today our board of directors has the same representation and we embrace a formal partnership with the Teton County School District. We have focused on creating the right mix of people and ideas to bring all the benefits of the arts community into the lives of all students in our community schools.
Ruth Moran-Rooks

Executive Director

Jessica Jaubert


Dana Smith


Elizabeth Cogburn

Lisa Lowenfels
Julie D’Amours
Sue Fleming

Our Artists

Billi Harrington
Nate Bennett
Emily Boespflug
Kathy Conroy
Matt Daly
Sheryl Haft
Sue Herberger
Kate Jensen
Sarah Kilmain
Melissa Malm

Lyndsay McCandless
KJ Morris
Leigh Reagan Smith
Mari Allan Hanna
Jenna Mahaffie
April Landale
Juan Morales
Abby Pafrath
Ben Roth
Charley Daveler