Dancing Alphabet

pARTners collaborates with Dancers’ Workshop to teach kindergarteners the letters and sounds of the alphabet through multiple cognitive modes: forming the shapes of letters with their bodies; practicing movements choreographed to music; creating their own costumes and set; and performing in front of an audience.

“I think the Dancing Alphabet program is a unique experience that the teachers and students look forward to all year. Students get to express all they have learned through art, dance, and music. They get to bond together over this project and it gives each child a chance to shine. At the end of Kindergarten they often tell me it was one of their favorite memories!” – TEACHER TESTIMONIAL


“J” is for Jackson Community Quilt

1st grade students select an image that corresponds to their assigned letter, then a pARTners artist helps the students design and create a fabric square. Volunteers from the JH Quilt Guild stitch the students’ squares into quilts, teaching the students about the importance of patterning and measuring in quilting. The ABC quilts are proudly displayed in each classroom.

“The quilt project gave the students a chance to create something independently and then come together as a class to create the final quilt. This project helps build community in our classroom.” – TEACHER TESTIMONIAL


Patterns in Nature Photography Project

Guided by a pARTners artist, 1st graders photograph nature, reinforcing the concept of patterns, familiarizing children with the Elements of Art, and emphasizing their “sense of place.”

“The photography project helped my students see nature and our school environment from a new perspective. They were 100% engaged and found patterns that have surrounded them daily that they had never actually seen before. It was fun! We all love walking through the hallway seeing the patterns. They are colorful, artistic and great!” – TEACHER TESTIMONIAL


Animals of Jackson Hole

Throughout the year, 2nd graders study the animals and ecosystem of Jackson Hole and create comprehensive scientific journals. Working with artists, students learn how to sketch various animals found in their community by using shapes; draw plant life; identify and record specimens; make detailed observations; and collect data and research facts about wildlife and vegetation. Finally, students decorate their journal cover using collage. The animals of Jackson Hole project culminates with students exploring animal movements with Dancers’ Workshop and performing for their families and friends at the Center for the Arts.

“I would like to know how we can be better partners to pARTners! I believe this is not widely enough known – to other stakeholders – the amazing contributions that pARTners makes to our students. It is the work and the fantastic teaching of pARTners that literally makes our second grade curriculum COME ALIVE for our students.” – TEACHER TESTIMONIAL

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