pARTners provides grants to teachers and arts organizations to bring artists into K-12 classrooms for project-based learning with the arts at the core.
Educator Project Grants

pARTners provides grants to teachers, artists and arts organizations to create unique classroom projects. Grants range from about $350 to $1,000.

Quick Response Grants

Quick Response Grants can be up to $250 for those unexpected opportunities for which a small grant can make a big difference. This funding source can be tapped by sending an email to pARTners, stating a need for the funds and a short explanation of how they will be used. The funds can be available immediately for K-12 classrooms.

Grant Guidelines

pARTners’ Funding Goals: As you plan and write this proposal, keep in mind the goals of pARTners. It is important to address these goals in your project, and to evaluate your completed project against them:

  1. To implement and support learning with arts at the core, grades K-12.
  2. To improve collaboration and communication between the community and schools, and especially to link arts organizations and artists, writers and performers with teachers as an integral part of school programs K-12.
  3. To address gaps in existing arts programs.
  4. To increase awareness of the educational and social value of the arts.

Funding Criteria: Projects will be judged by the Grants Committee on the following criteria with the highest priority at the top of the list. The proposal narrative asks the applicant to addresses each of these criteria in this order:

  1. Artistic and educational quality of the project, and its impact on students.
  2. Value of the project in relation to pARTners’ goals.
  3. Effective planning and collaboration between teachers and artist(s).
  4. Addresses standards in subject area and/or grade level.
  5. Means of assessing of student achievement
  6. Need for funding.
  7. The number of students affected.
  8. Clarity, completeness, and presentation of the proposal.

Requirements: Recipients of pARTners grants will be required to complete a Final Report. The final report provides pARTners with information we are required to provide to our donors. Thanks for your help.

Grant Deadline & Forms

pARTners fall grant proposal deadline is rolling. Please follow the following steps to ensure potential funding:

  • Contact Ruth at (307) 733-2565 or, about your idea.
  • Meet with a pARTners artist about your project idea.
  • Write a grant proposal and budget using the pARTners template.
  • Speak to your school principal about your proposal.
  • Submit your proposal to pARTners before or on due date.