Please consider donating to pARTners during Old Bill’s 2022. We need your support to continue to bring the ARTS to our community schools!

Donations can be made through the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole’s website from August 13th – September 16th.

Last year…pARTners implemented 15 integrated arts projects for 1,850 students (K-12), introduced 14 local artists into the classroom, and collaborated with 13 community organizations!

Reasons to Give:

– We’ve introduced 14 local artists in Teton County.
– We’ve provided $9,500 Educator Grands which translated to 10 projects in Teton County.
– We provided 200 free art kits to students in need during the holidays.
– pARTners artists designed, planned, and implemented 15 integrated art projects in K-12 classrooms in Teton County School District #1.
We are thankful for the opportunity to serve Teton County since 1995 and with your generous donations, we can continue work of creative expression and influence through the ARTS for years to come.