Educator Project Grants

Educator Project Grants provide educators with funding to design and implement arts-based learning projects that fulfill curriculum goals in collaboration with pARTners-approved artists. All artist planning and teaching time, as well as project materials, are funded by pARTners.
Poetry with Matt Daly

School: Jackson High School
Teacher: Michelle Roundy
Artist: Matt Daly
Grant Award: $200
Students Involved: 95

Young Authors Workshop

School: Mountain Academy
Teacher: John Williams
Artists: Mari Allan Hanna
Grant award: $550
Students Involved: 26

3-D Mapping

School: Kelly Elementary
Teacher: Lisa Ryan
Artist: Kate Jensen
Grant award: $260
Students Involved: 20

5th Grade Symbolic Portraits

School: Colter Elementary School
Teacher: Heidi Thompson
Artist: Billi Harrington
Grant award: $425
Students Involved: 77

Picasso Self-Portraits and Elements of 3D Design and Construction

School: JH Homeschool
Artist: Billi Harrington
Grant award: $430
Students Involved: 15

Mountain Academy Mural

School: Mountain Academy
Teacher: Heidi Kohler
Artist: Abby Paffrath and Ben Roth
Grant Award: $1,000
Students Involved: 25

“pARTners brings energy, creativity, and expertise into the classroom through its rich and varied arts programming. Over the course of my teaching career with the help of pARTners funding and artist rosters, I’ve worked with dancers, writers, musicians, numerous visual artists, a playwright, and even a poet laureate! Each has enriched my curriculum with his or her art form and in doing so has expanded my students’ learning experiences well beyond what I could do alone. pARTners helps make learning come to life!”


Photography Workshop

School: Mountain Academy
Teachers: Heidi Kohler
Artist: Shannon Corsi
Grant award: $140
Students Involved: 32

Exploring Weather through Art

School: Jackson Elementary
Teacher: Kindergarten Team
Artist: Billi Harrington
Grant award: $500
Students Involved: 50

The Art of Illustration

School: C-V Ranch
Teacher: Tonia Ralston
Artist: Nate Bennett
Grant award: $325
Students Involved: 34

“To have visiting artists in the classroom is a valuable experience for all students. Through these projects, students are able to explore learning in a multiple ways. Not only is there an immediate connection to the Jackson artist community, but students are also exposed to new media, techniques, and processes taught by experts in their field. All around, this relationship between the school and pARTners has naturally given us endless opportunities for richer learning in the regular classroom setting.”


Developing Communication Skills through Artistic Engagement

School: Jackson Middle School
Teacher: Morgane Van Voorst
Artist: Billi Harrington
Grant award: $250
Students Involved: 12

Arts education cultivates artists and patrons.

“Arts education in childhood is the most significant predictor of both arts attendance and personal arts creation throughout the rest of a person’s life.” (RAND Corporation, Cultivating Demand for the Arts, 2008)

Journal Cover Project based on the Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye

School: Jackson High School
Teacher: Julie Tomich
Artist: April Landale & Billi Harrington
Grant award: $1,800
Students Involved: 125