Animals of Jackson Hole | 2nd Grade

pARTners supports several projects as part of the second grade’s year-long unit on the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach students about wildlife habitats and behaviors, as well as their role as stewards of the environment. At the start of the school year, pARTners provides every second grader with a blank nature journal and a pARTners artist shares techniques for recording observations in their journals.  Students also collect specimens from the outdoors and learn about the different species of trees in their area, by sketching/rubbing leaves. After the journaling project, a pARTners artist teaches students how to draw animals using geometric shapes, a practice that helps students identify unique characteristics of their animals in order to create accurate illustrations. The Animals of Jackson Hole project concludes with students exploring animal movements with Dancers’ Workshop and singing animals songs that are later choreographed together for a performance for their parents.