Careers in the Arts | 4th Grade


As part of the 4th grade Common Core Standards, students must explore different careers that utilize the arts.  Students interact with a local architect, graphic designer and fashion designer via stations in the classroom.  Students are given a challenge at each station that gives them a clearer understanding of what people do in these professions.  The project allows students to see how art and practical needs come together, and how it impacts the final product.   In addition, students realize in these professions, a person needs to study design, form and marketing.  Students learn that, ultimately, the goal for an arts-based career is to make  products to grab the interest of a potential buyer and convince them to make a purchase (be it clothes, food, or a house.)

Teacher Testimonial:

“I loved this project because it had real life applications.  Community members came into the classroom to show students what art careers look like in this community.”