Entries by Ruth Moran

E-textiles | 8th Grade

This is a comprehensive S.T.E.A.M. project that integrates arts curriculum into Science. Students will review simple circuits, parallel circuits and switches. Then in conjunction with their Science teacher, they will learn about conductivity, polarity and introductory crafting techniques. Students will integrate circuits into their design and sewing of a piece of clothing, jewelry or cloth […]

Variables in Art | 5th Grade

In this projects students are learning about the Scientific Method through ART!  Using terms such as independent variable and dependent variable, students are recreating the same image using different artistic mediums: pencil, pastels and paint.  As a result of this project students will make observations about using the different mediums (dependent variable) to come to […]

Careers in the Arts | 4th Grade

  As part of the 4th grade Common Core Standards, students must explore different careers that utilize the arts.  Students interact with a local architect, graphic designer and fashion designer via stations in the classroom.  Students are given a challenge at each station that gives them a clearer understanding of what people do in these […]

Comets and Asteroids| 3rd Grade

In this project, Wyoming Stargazers and pARTners artists work together to provide a hands-on and engaging approach to learning about space, particularly comets and asteroids. The lessons include an introduction to the night sky, motion of the stars, constellations, planets, comets, and asteroids using a 15ft inflatable planetarium dome. An artist from pARTners will help […]