pARTners Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Bringing Quality Art Projects to K-12 Classrooms

Jackson, WY — In early May 2024, the Town of Jackson presented pARTners with a proclamation acknowledging 30 years of quality arts programming in Teton County. 

With the proclamation, the Town of Jackson has designated May 2024 as pARTners’ 30th Anniversary Celebration Month, urging all citizens to support its mission of igniting creative thinking and self-expression among Teton County students.

pARTners began in 1994 as a response to arts funding cuts nationwide and the recognition of the critical need for arts education in all Teton County classrooms. Now in its 30th year, we are impacting over 1,130 students through art integration in Teton County. 

Quality art education in school classrooms fosters creativity, critical thinking, and innovation, which are fundamental skills across all disciplines, including science, math, and STEM. 

Art encourages students to explore, experiment, and express themselves, honing problem-solving abilities essential for scientific inquiry and mathematical reasoning. By integrating art into STEM education, students develop a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of disciplines, fostering thinking crucial for addressing real-world challenges and driving technological advancements.

At the heart of pARTners’ approach lies a unique educational philosophy, emphasizing collaboration between teachers and local artists to craft personalized learning experiences for K-12 students in Teton County. From creating a 3D ecosystem for bees to creating chalk drawings celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, art brings tactile learning opportunities to all students.  

On Wednesday, May 8, pARTners recognized the Teton County School Board #1 during their May meeting with a plaque commemorating their 30-year partnership. This relationship is critical to pARTners’ work and mission and represents how nonprofits working with our school can strengthen programming. 

Later this month on May 28th, continuing the 30th celebration, Hand Fired Pizza is hosting “Pizza for a Purpose,” featuring pARTners as the beneficiary of a portion of that evening’s orders. 

“We are grateful to our friends, donors, teachers and artists who have supported pARTners over the last 30 years,” says Ruth Moran, pARTners Executive Director. “We witness first-hand the arts’ effect on students’ education, confidence, communication and self-expression. pARTners is excited to continue to expand and collaborate, creating a stronger program for the next 30 years.”