Comets and Asteroids| 3rd Grade

In this project, Wyoming Stargazers and pARTners artists work together to provide a hands-on and engaging approach to learning about space, particularly comets and asteroids. The lessons include an introduction to the night sky, motion of the stars, constellations, planets, comets, and asteroids using a 15ft inflatable planetarium dome.

An artist from pARTners will help the students draw and/or paint their own artistic representation of comets or asteroids using what they learned about their structure and composition, as well as their historical significance, from the preceding lessons. Finally, the students will create a comet or asteroid planetarium projection slide that uses a flashlight, overhead projector transparency. The slides will also provide a model for artistically representing scientific knowledge for the teachers to use in future lessons.

Teacher Testimonial: “Students really enjoyed this project, bringing Art and Science together really engaged the students! We want more projects like this in the future.”

3rd_ExampleCometslide copy