The Belief Project | 8th Grade

Students articulate their beliefs in a project team taught by English teachers and a pARTners artist. Designed to promote self-exploration and reflection as 8th graders transition from middle to high school, the three-week Belief Project challenges students to ruminate through writing and visual exercises. Students collect mementos and study the use of symbols to tell a visual story, ultimately developing a theme for their individual Belief Essay and self-portrait collage. An introspective culmination of their middle school experience, the students’ collages are displayed at their 8th grade graduation.

[blockquote size=”full” align=”left” byline=”student testimonial”]“What I learned from the Belief Project is that I like more things about myself than don’t like about myself.”[/blockquote][blockquote size=”full” align=”left” byline=”student testimonial”]“The valuable thing about recording your thoughts and experiences is that it allows us to look back and remember the things we have forgotten. The project also made me realize that life is short, too short to wait to do something.”[/blockquote]