Dancing Alphabet | Kindergarten

pARTners collaborates with Dancers’ Workshop to teach kindergarteners’ the letters and sounds of the alphabet through a multiple-intelligence approach. Through the Dancing Alphabet, students explore the 26 symbols of the English language, and Dual Immersion students also dive into the Spanish alphabet. The project engages students through multiple cognitive modes: kinesthetic by forming the shapes of letters with their bodies; musical by performing movements choreographed to music; visual-spatial by creating their own costumes (painting t-shirts of their assigned letters) and the set/backdrop of letters; and interpersonal by performing in front of an audience. The final component of the project is the publication of a picture book for each student, incorporating photographs of students performing his/her designated letter. The photographs help the children refine their alphabetical pronunciation and penmanship throughout the year. The project culminates in the students’ performance of the Dancing Alphabet for their parents at Dancers’ Workshop.