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Donate Online

Click the donate button to donate online
or send a check to Partners at PO Box 2188, Jackson, WY 83001.[/column]
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Sustained Giving
You recognize the very important enrichment pARTners provides to nearly every student in the Teton County schools and you want to see our work continue. Please contact us to learn more about opportunities for charitable giving.


pARTners would love to have your involvement. Stop by our office at the Center for the Arts and we will plug you into our organization according to your interests.

Would you like to share your passion for the arts with students in Jackson Hole’s schools? Find out about on-going projects and future projects and we will plug you in according to your interests. Do you have a project you would like to teach in the schools? Share your idea with us and we’ll explore with you how to tie your project to the school curriculum. PARTners pays artists $25 an hour for their work in the classroom. Not confident about going into the classroom alone? We often hire support staff for artists. Support staff get a good overview of how artists and teachers collaborate in the classroom.

Would you be interested in meeting with artists and teachers to review and evaluate projects and make recommendations for next time the project takes place? We need you to help plan projects to illuminate the curriculum. Each project supported by pARTners is evaluated at its conclusion.

Help us organize our very fun annual fundraiser. We are looking for some fresh, new ideas. Care to help?

According to the 1999 compilation of national studies of the arts, Champions of Change, “the arts provide learning opportunities for the adults in lives of young people.” Whether you dabble in watercolor, make photography your hobby, dance for the fun of it or are a professional artist of some sort, your talent and time can be very helpful to your child’s teacher and the project. The best thing for you to do each year is offer your support and talent to your child’s teacher. Find out what he/she plans to do and what is the content of the curriculum. Together, you might be able to come up with an idea for a pARTners Grant. There have been several cases over the years in which parents helped teachers come up with project ideas, organize them, seek the necessary funding, and implement them. These are usually very successful projects when the parental commitment is high.